Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I am a sweaty man

January 29, 2007


Let it be known: Graeme McElheran pumps out the sweat. Not just a little moisture under the pits during exercise or on a hot sunny day. We’re talking drenchville, 24/7, here in Africa.

It’s hot, sure, but even at nighttime I’m sweating through the mattress. I take a shower before bed and I’m sweaty before I hit the sheets. I take a shower in the morning and I’m sweaty putting on my clothes. I take a drink of water and a minute later it’s sweating out my pores. I’m sweating right now. It’s dripping into my right eye. Excuse me while I mop my brow.

It’s actually annoying me. It used to annoy other people, like dudes on the basketball court when I’d slide off them in the low post, or stuck up twits at the shi-shi bar when I’d spray them while getting my groove on. But here in Kumasi I can’t have a conversation or walk ten paces without pulling out the handkerchief. I’ve never used a handkerchief before.

We’re going through the water like mad. We’ve got a double filtration system going, Pristine droplets and a Scout pump filter, and a good thing too. Bottled water is relatively cheap, around 50 cents for 1500 mL, but together we’re consuming at least six litres a day (including for food, coffee and dishes). We’re mostly using treated tap water; so far so good.

I’m spending a lot of time pumping, like a sold 20 minutes each night. And of course, the exertion of pumping makes me sweat. So as soon as I pump some clean water I drink it to replace my fluids, only to feel it come beading out of my face again. WTF?

I need to find a swimming pool. Only through total emersion will I ever feel dry and secure. G.

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Jeffrey said...

Sweating right now? i am laughing right now; you've got a knack for sacrastic humor. loved the ending. hope total emmersion blesses you to dryness soon.