Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Bug Net is Vital

January 21
Woke to a mosquito whining in my ear and thought for a moment I was in Brackley Beach, PEI. We cursed ourselves for foolishly forgetting to put the mosquito net up before bed and then we were silently thankful for being awake to hear the Muslim chanting near where we’re staying. Was awoken again several hours later by a deep, steady drum beat accompanying Christian gospel songs, and the occasional crow from a rooster. What a morning welcome to this lively, throbbing city! We ventured into the market by foot today while folks were in church and we were able to walk with relative ease. Bought five tomatoes for 5000 cedis, two cakes for four thousand cedis and a plantain that I desperately wanted to be a banana for two thousand cedis. Am in awe of how well chickens transport; saw two being carried in a garbage bag, beaks pointing through the plastic, several sitting in baskets just steps from the traffic and others being loaded with surprisingly little squawking into taxis. T.

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