Monday, March 26, 2007

Ingenuity comes in handy

Between blackouts, shocking fridges and hunting for malaria infected
mosquitos Graeme and I have somehow found time to play chess, or rather
Graeme has found the patience to teach me chess. And yes, great
patience is required when teaching me anything, as I am a self-professed
sore loser.

Here is a photo of our prized chess board. If you look closely you’ll see
that the rooks are batteries, the bishops bits of candy (dirty, dirty
bishops) and the pawns are various coins that will soon become obsolete when
Ghana changes its currency in July.

Our board also comes in handy when playing ‘draft’ - the Ghanaian version of
checkers. During the heat of the afternoon many men (as it seems only men
are allowed or inclined play this game) take to the streets and sit on long benches in the shade, jumping each other’s pieces furiously. Men like to play this game in
groups and will often sit facing each other, alternating partners as one man wins and another loses.

I have yet to move our modest draft board out onto the streets. When I do, rest assured I will be practiced and ready to beat any man who dares sit with me in the shade!

These are the slippers of an Ashanti chief. Note the pom-poms match his
traditional cloth. These chiefs are more than traditional figure heads who
live in huge homes and air conditioned palaces they are fashionable trend
setters. T.

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Disgustipated said...

Interesting blog you have. Good luck on your future chess games.