Thursday, February 1, 2007

Do they really have to play this Gospel music so loud?

February 1, 2007


Dear God,

Howya doing. Been a long time since I put in a formal request for an interview like this. I should say at the outset here that this conversation is going on my blog; hope you don't mind too much, or find that "irreverant" or even "blasphemous." It's only fitting, since the triumph that I feel at having found a quality Internet here in Ghana is mingled with evangelism each and every time I log on.

I have to ask: do the Born Agains who run this Internet cafe have to play this Gospel music so loud?

Far be it from me to criticize a man for his taste in music. Clearly, lots of people love to get together and croon about Jesus, and even more like to buy recordings of those croonings. And it's a testament to Your reach that here in this African metropolis there are huge billboards hailing the Return of Your Holy Progeny (you know who I mean). Here at the best public 'net connection in town we patrons are bombarded with blastings of hymns and praise headed your way, classics such as "Our God Is An Awesome God" -- who could forget that one -- and lyrics interspersed with declarations: "It's all for you, Lord, all for you;" "We're holding nothing back Lord, nothing at all;" "Jesus... JESUS... JEEESSUUUUUSSS!!!" Surely you can here them. And I'm sure you'd still hear just fine at a slightly lower volume.

They're some Christian folks, these Ghanains, at least here in the southern part of the country. Lots of nice singing emanating from churches on Sunday, all over the place. "God bless you"s from taxi drivers and merchants in the market when you don't haggle with them. And, of course, the dude who runs this cafe, who is singing along with to the same CD he plays over and over, every day: "I'm lost without you, Lord, lost without you..."

Please, for the love of You, find this man. And if you don't mind a small suggestion from a confessed agnostic, let me say just say, in the words of some immortals who shall remain nameless: LET THERE BE ROCK. Bring some power chords to these people's lives. They love you, you know that. Now let'em rock out to something that isn't all about you, your son or the Rapture. Something with enough soul of its own, that doesn't need to be worried about anyone else's. I suggest Rush. G.